Liberty Archery's bow amazing hunting features
Shows world's smallest compound bow
(Liberty bow) taking deer sitting.
Video is NOT about Slingshots MUST SEE
Bill Light's high speed video of the Liberty Bow.
The camera plays tricks and make the arrow appear to go
sideways see a extreme example of the bending and as it
gets closer note the appearance of sideways flight.
Ultimate Survivalist
Video of African
Boar Hunt
Jason Allen shares his experience with the Liberty
bow with the new Liberty arrows and 75 grain points
and broadheads.
Jason Allen Makes use of the small Liberty bow size to
shoot from blind.
Jason Allen Hog hunt with Liberty bow.
Liberty Bow takes down 400 lb bear
Comparison of 3 micro hunting bows (above).
Jorg produced the video (below) 9 years ago.
Conclusion Liberty I is still the best!
Inside Archery review of Liberty I Bow and Liberty arrows