Su deer hunt takes the large buck deer with Liberty bow
K Miller down deer with Liberty one bow on deer hunt
Deer taken in Australia by Liberty Bow
Monster rack on elk taken by Liberty bow on Canada elk hunt.
Brads huge buffalo taken by liberty bow on Springer buffalo hunt
Deer hunting in Canada got this deer with Liberty bow
Brads Liberty I bow takes Bison on Springer bufflalo hunt
Mario takes gazell or antelope with Liberty I bow.
Tony takes 1380 lb monster eland with 50 lb Liberty I bow
D. Farris kills wild boar with Liberty Archery bow.
Elk hunted by B Teeples or Oregon elk hunt
Wart hog by liberty archery bow
Boar taken in Turkey with Liberty One bow
Don bags shark with liberty bow
Don takes wild turkey on turkey hunt in GA with liberty bow
a monster elk taken on Michigan elk hunt with Liberty I bow
Africian antelope taken by liberty one bow
BowHunt America bronse award for Liberty Archery's  Liberty I compound bow
Monster elk taken with Liberty I bow
Don takes shark with liberty bow
Don's turkey with bow.
Look at the monster rack on elk,  elk taken by Canada elk hunt.
Lion by Liberty bow.
20 Day Trial
Liberty I bow takes huge African lion
The 2010 hunt was 345lb skull was 19-3/4
I am having it re-measured as we speak,
due to the fact they never told me until
this sat.
The 2012 hunt was 460lb and the skull is
being prepared, I was told by many
including the taxidermy professional he
was a pope and young.
I will be telling my story which started out
as a simple bear hunts over bait, it ended
in a woods confutation him and I were 5
feet apart. It was an awesome hunt and
the Bow did what it has done in the past
for me and what I expected from a top
quality Bow.
I started as the only one in my hunting
party that had a liberty, now since I have
been going all my parties have liberties, I
am proud to be a rep for liberty and
always tell everyone I can. Please send
any information to my private email
Thank you again for a fine precision bow,
when I write my story I will send a copy.
Respectfully  Robert Denault
Taken with my with my Liberty.
The usual bear, roe deer and wildboar trophies are huge but in fact they
say the wildboar trophies one can get to be the biggest in the world. -
One of mine is an international gold medal. -
It is the fourth time I travel to Turkey with my friend Rafa Villar (also has
a Liberty I).
I am very happy with my bow. Thanks.
Best,  Ramon Lurueña
My friend Mario (below)
Danny Farris with Terrorist pig.
Elk taken with Liberty I bow
Tony Dukes.  Looks like it is the #4
50 lb Liberty I.  By the way the arrow
African Bow Hunt Part 1
Paz elk hunt bags monster elk with Liberty Archery compound bow close-up.
Scott's buck deer taken by liberty archery compound bow.