Hostage Arrow Rest for Liberty Compound bow
Hostage or WhiskerBiscuit
Arrow Rest Installed and factory
set and adjusted. Included $896
Arrow rest and Silencer kit if
sold separately is $39 (Arrow
rest) +$12 (Silencer kit)=$51
Package Price $41 Save $10.00
Carry case for Liberty Compound bow
String Changer
Universal Bow Tool
and eliminates
need for bow
press. See
Instruction page for
details on this Bow
Bow Strings
Pre-stretched Vapor Trail bow strings. $48 includes,
loop, silencers, speed nocks, and shrink tubing.
Correct serving is critical..
Many hunters like
using this quick detach
quiver to get all up into
tree stand.
LIBERTY ARROWS make a HUGE difference in
the performance of the Liberty I bow. Liberty allows you to
shoot a 280 grain arrow instead of a 350 grain arrow for a
70 lb bow.  Do not get caught in the heavy arrow trap.
Innovative blade
engagement allows
blades to pivot around
heavy bones.
Double sided cutting
edge, cuts in and on the
way out.
ULMER EDGE  3 pack.$48.00  
A caliper type release is REQUIRED on the Liberty I
bows, but there are major differences between the others
and the
TRU-BALL with the many Patents covering the
triggering mechanism. The XTRA gives you a slightly
longer draw length due to it's design.
stainless steel jaws and trigger (not 6061 aluminum),
swivel-lock head so you do not twist the string loop, and
ceramic coating on body (copper color)..
Alpine Bear Claw 3 Arrow (modified)
quiver $39
For Long Range Hunting . Extremely light weight
sight.  Has been modified to fit the Liberty Bow and also fit
into the soft or aluminum cases  Weight 4.4
I think all archers should be independent of archery
stores.  That means you should be able to fletch your own
arrows. Arrows unfixed are left standing in the corner. Why
spend the money and time spent at a archery store when
you can do one arrow in 5 minutes.
Shafts come
with nocks,
rings, and
point inserts.
BULLET points (Correct diameter)
$8.00 per dozen-100 gr.or 75 gr.
E-Z Pro Fletcher
Blazer Vanes for
1 dozen arrows
plues 2 green
and one white
spare $10.00
Goat Tuff
Glue $7.00
Small Aluminum Case
26.75 X 16.00 X 6.25
inches (49 linear inches,
carry on airline 50in
limitation) 8lbs empty. It is
more compact than the soft
case (2" shorter, 1" less
wide, and .75" less high ).
Bowfishing Setup
Bowfishing Reel(not heavy duty)  with reel seat and
Liberty bracket.  $169.00.
For large fish add heavy duty reel
Reel pictured below is heavy duty
Peepless sight $29..  
Mounts to sight bar and
works with the Liberty
Used mostly for people
with eye problems.
3 Size Peep Set
Designed for small string
angle rubber tube.
Medium peep & rubber
tube installed.
Liberty Short Compound Bow Stabilizer Location
TRU Ball Copperhead Xtra
The best release made and holds the caliper release
Patent.  MIM’s Technology, (metal injection molding) for
stainless steel Jaws, trigger, and body.  Allows for
stainless steel shapes that cannot be machined (not weak
powdered metal) Ceramic Coating  on body (as hard as
cutting tools) and knurled trigger.
Most important the trigger
shape gives you a  3/8” longer draw
Best release TRU-Ball ever made.
Discontinued because to expensive to make. Liberty
Archery bought the remaining releases. Lifetime warranty
by TRU-Ball
3 to 5 PIN SIGHT
Liberty 3 pin Sight has been used
as a 5 pin sight by doing between
the pins shooting.
Try it with your present sight--you
will be surprised how accurate it
is!  If not MORE accurate
5 pin sight for Liberty Compound bow
Bowfishing Setup
Bowfishing cord in bottle  $159.00
Smaller bottle not shown, larger bottle and heavier cord
can be added for large fish. Bracket as pictured
no peep set, sight,
silencer kit, arrow
rest, bow tool or
carry case.
2.5 oz SIGHT   Special Liberty
sight that saves weight and
eliminates the
HEAVY 3.5" sight
extension and 2 brackets. Pins
.019 with 6" of fiber and glow ring.  
Included in package deal of $896
Bow Case
Short dual
caliper release
You can't buy this light and stiff arrow
(Trial NOW includes all items)
5 pin sight for Liberty Compound bow
Cable Silencer Kit
included & Installed in $896
Bow Case Add $110 to $896  to get the Aluminum case.
Dozen shafts $159 for.001 straightness
matched weight & spine 5.9 gr/in.
Aluminum case $149.00
20 Day Trial
Remaining Speed Pro Max Shafts 6.2 gr/in $139/dz
All of the above are included in
the $896 Package price.
Two items are usually ordered with the bow:
1) Tru-Ball Xtra caliper release.
Caliper release is required with bow.
2)  Liberty 5.9 gr/in Arrows 338 fps SPEED.
Enjoy 338 speed  with the NEW
Liberty Arrows
We choose the Alpine quivers because they attach close
to the rubber fingers that hold the arrows (see in photo
right how the attach point can be positioned).  This
eliminates the arrows sticking far out the bottom of the
bow. Modified to reduce weight and for better fit.
ULMER EDGE expanding broadheads 100 gr.
Modified to fit the Liberty bow. Fits into both aluminum and
soft carry case with small foam modifications.
The original
weight of the Sight with light was 5.9 oz before the
modifications and 4.4 oz after.  This adds 1.9 oz to
the bow to come at
2.69 lbs loaded. Fully adjustable
via head or pins. Sight level. Light shines on fiber for
bright pins.
5 PIN SIGHT .019 pins without light $79.00
5 PIN SIGHT .019 pins with light is $99.00
Click to enlarge
Just Arrived!!

40 % more cutting
surface than Mech.

Only 75 grains

30 deg. cutting
angle vs 45 deg.

$29.00 for package
of 6 with 12 extra